Dear Friend,

     Coffee Alliance for the Arts programs focus especially on all young artists in our community, including Coffee High School Arts Week; a scholarship for a senior at Coffee High School or CCA; a Valdosta State Children’s Theatre performance for all first graders; Munch & Music at Emma Ward Park in April; and Missoula Children’s Theatre every June.

     To continue these programs, the Alliance needs the community’s support through donations or sponsorships. If you or your organization wants to support the mission of CAA through a membership of $30; or through a sponsorship of one of CAA’s activities; or through whatever donation you think appropriate, please mail your support to:

Coffee Alliance for the Arts
P.O. Box 2823
Douglas, Georgia 31534

If you want your donation to support a particular program like Missoula Children’s Theatre, please indicate that directive on your check.

Designated Activities to Support

  • 1st Grade Play

  • Arts Week

  • Munch & Music

  • CHS / CCA Scholarship

  • Missoula

Donation Levels




$50 (includes one movie pass)


$100 (includes two movie passes)




*4 movie passes and free admission to all events and CAA promotional gifts


Please contact one of our officers if you have any questions about the program and needs of Coffee Alliance for the Arts.