Coffee Alliance for the Arts Scholarship

The Coffee Alliance for the Arts welcomes your application for a $500 college scholarship, payable to the post-secondary institution at which the recipient is enrolled.  This scholarship will be awarded to a senior planning to major or minor in an arts-related field.  The application process includes the completed application form, with essay question; two recommendation letters; and supporting material demonstrating the applicant’s artistic accomplishment (may be in portfolio format).


To be eligible to apply for this scholarship you must:

  1. be a senior at Coffee High School or Citizens Christian Academy,

  2. have a GPA of at least 3.0,

  3. have taken the SAT or ACT,

  4. been accepted by a college or university, with plans to major in an arts-related field,

  5. have participated in an artistic endeavor for at least two  years during high school (literary magazine, visual or graphic arts, drama, dance and/or music),

  6. be in good standing as a student including discipline and on track to graduate in May 2019,

  7. be a U.S. citizen.


This application must be accompanied by:

  1. An official high school transcript through the first semester (December 2018),

  2. A copy of SAT or ACT scores,

  3. A copy of letter of acceptance from at least one college or university,

  4. Two recommendation letters, including one from your literary magazine, art, drama, dance, or music teacher, and one from a high school teacher, administrator, or counselor that includes information about your character and contribution to the school community and your eligibility to graduate in May 2019,

  5. A copy of your social security card.

Applications may be submitted via email to or mailed to the following physical address:


Coffee Alliance for the Arts

c/o JoAnn Danna

301 N. Letitia

Douglas, GA 31533


If you have questions about this scholarship or the application process, please contact JoAnn Danna at 912-384-3397.


Deadline for applications will be announced in the Spring. 


No incomplete or late applications will be accepted. Finalists will be contacted to set up an interview time.


Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Birth date:____________________________________________________________________________

High school:__________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name:__________________________________________________________________

List of all arts-related activities and awards: _____________________________________________________________________________

Attach a statement in essay form that explains how the arts have enriched your life or how as an artist you can enrich your community (200-250 word limit).

Applicant signature:  ____________________________________________________________________

Parent/guardian signature:  _______________________________________________________________